Dressed to the Ninth? (month that is)

The reality that you're pregnant has still maybe not completely set in, however, one thing that is certain is the changing body you are staring at every morning in the mirror.  Your body is about to experience some major changes, from head to toe... So how do you dress to feel great even when you just simply feel fluffy?  Let us share a few tips that we have found to be helpful.  I will break it down to for each trimester, because each trimester you will look and feel differently.

 1st Trimester THINK DRAPEY AND FLOWY for tops.  Even empire waists and A-line..  Nothing clingy or form fitting for this awkward phase that leaves you feeling like you just won the hot dog eating contest at the local fair!  Just remember you want styles that flow away from your midsection.  If your bottoms are already getting uncomfortable look for the under the belly styles (think elastic pants you see the toddlers in your life wearing... they look comfy, right?) Leggings will also become your very best friend when you are prego, there is never a time that maternity leggings are not comfy. 

(and quite frankly the 4th Trimester, or post baby, this would apply as well) 

Let's take the focus off of your tummy.  Focus on concealing, some don't want to share the news yet.  Beyond that we just simply want to hide the bloat and the crazy changes happening to your body.  Depending on what season you are in, or climate you live in here are some GREAT examples of styles to conceal:


2nd, and quite frankly the 3rd, trimester ROCK that bump mamas!  You will have finally popped (for first pregnancies, sometimes not until 22-28 weeks depending on your body, HANG IN THERE) and that bump is no longer being questioned by those around you as an "is she/isn't she".  You are glowing, so show off that baby you are growing!  Now we also get that not everyone wants to show off their bump and that's cool, we have options for everyone.  Think about some good staple pieces that you can mix and match with accessories.  You will really be blown away at how many outfits you can make out of a few simple pieces.  One of our VERY favorite pieces in the store that we sell year round is called the "Tessa Dress" by Seraphine maternity.  Belt it high, belt it low, cardigan, blazer, jean jacket.. Leggings, bare leg, colored tights, or panty hose... Flats, funky sneaker, heels, boots, booties... This dress has limitless options for what you can do with it AND it is $80! (first 2 pictures below)  Whether you are an executive or a stay at home mom there are so many options for any lifestyle and budget.  Remember... Accessorize!!  And don't forget your leggings (even those of you that have never worn them, all we ask is that you give them a try) while pregnant.  You open yourself up to a world of comfort and fashion that you never knew existed!  If you are a denim lover, buy great jeans.  You won't regret it... and there are price points out there for everyone so just find quality regardless of whether its name brand or not.  The maxi dress for spring/summer weather is also an awesome option.  Get a few basic t's that can be dressed up or down with belts and necklaces.  And really, just stay true to your own fashion sense and let the bump rock itself!  

Stay tuned for our next months blog post about the amazing world of nursing apparel for you breastfeeding mamas.




Until next time, carry on and continue being awesome!!








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