What's the Over/Under?

The time has come.  Your Bella Band or hair tie are no longer cutting it as your make shift maternity pants.  Its time to take the plunge and go try on pants made for your body at this time in your life.  You're scared and unsure of what is out there, and lets face it maternity pants don't exactly scream "come put me on"!  But let me be the first to tell you that after you try your first pair on, you will wonder what took you so long.  You can breathe, you can sit comfortably and you can eat like its your job... and really it is!  Good news, when you buy them right they should fit you through your entire pregnancy and into your 4th trimester.  (yes this exists and no one tells you.  its that period of time after baby when your body is working some things out before getting back into your pre-pregnancy pants) Get help with sizing and you will be so grateful!

You venture on in to finally try those maternity pants on and you find yourself a little overwhelmed.  (happens to the best of us sisters) Here is the breakdown for you…OVER OR UNDER? There are OTB (or over the belly as we call them in the prego/maternity world) which have a panel that can be pulled up over your bump as your bump grows to its full potential.  Then you have the UTB (AKA the under the belly pant) that sits below your belly, regardless of how big it gets.  How will you know what is for you?  You try them all on, and you will find what you love.  We are all shaped differently to begin with and pregnancy changes everyone differently.  Even from pregnancy to pregnancy you may find your body is totally different.  Each style comes with its perks.

OTB feels like a dream come true on you when you have the right panel.  UTB is a rockstar choice for that 4th trimester we have talked about..  Bottom line, try on as many pair of pants as you can.  You are bound to find a winner.


A few of OUR faves...

OTB~ Seraphine Maternity "Drew" ($103), Citizens of Humanity Avadon (pictured, $210)

UTB~ Seraphine Maternity "Emilia" ($85), Paige Premium Denim Union Verdugo ($223), JBrand Mama J (pictured, $230)




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