It's Feeding Time

Well sister~friends, the pregnancy is behind you and now you have this little bundle of love staring at you… most likely wanting something from you. You are now officially a food source for this little stinker! Whether you choose to breast feed or not, is completely a personal choice.  Some believe its the ONLY way, some have no interest and its not for them. Some can’t…Whatever your choice there is only 1 right one, and that is YOUR choice!
Should you find yourself in the world of nursing, there is a plethora of options out there to help make it as smooth as possible. From nipple creams, (we love the "lalabee mommy", as it is lanolin free. This means not only do you not have to wipe it off before feeding time, there is also no sensitivity if you have allergies to wool!) nursing pads (for reusable our fave is the Bravado Moisture Wicking Pads, they come in a pack with 3 sets), nursing covers (we love Booby Trapper because of its double boning) to nursing scarves, (A fave of ours is Cover Boo Couture for its chic design). 
Bras and tanks to tunics and dresses…nursing fashion has upped its game like none other in the last couple of years.Some mamas opt for the nursing tanks which can be worn under any of your regular shirts.  Shirt gets lifted, tummy is not exposed and you can nurse discretely just about anywhere.  There is even a new tank that can be worn with ANY nursing bra and you have suddenly made anything nursing, that is called the Naked Nursing Tank.  Another great option is the traditional route of nursing bras paired with easy access nursing tops.  Our favorite line of nursing bras is Cake Lingerie.  It is beautiful and feminine yet very functional for your nursing needs. There are 2 types of bras that you can look for, the soft cup/sports bra style that are also great for sleeping and then you have your traditional, moulded tshirt bra that will be more structured and offers more support.
Gone are those days of feeling frumpy while you feed your little one.  Here you will see some styles that one would never guess was nursing compatible.  Also, companies are now making more and more styles that are good from pregnancy on through to post baby and into nursing.  Check out all of these styles... 
Regardless of how long your share your milk supply, just know that you can stay as chic as ever before with all the options out there.
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