So you're pregnant...

First and foremost, thanks for stopping by!  We're new to this whole "blog" world, and couldn't be more excited to share our knowledge and personal experiences with you!  

You're pregnant (we think that ROCKS)....Was it the good ole' fashion way, maybe a total SURPRISE, years of "trying", a whole lot of medical intervention...and you have finally gotten there?  Regardless of how this little miracle came to be, YOU are having a baby!!

Let us guess... you are combing through your wardrobe trying to decide what to wear that still fits.  Your body has changed drastically (or so you think) yet you haven't really announced to the world that you are growing a baby. Well, the good news is everyone around you is clueless that you are in fact with child.  As you dissect every inch of your body and feel as though you have been on a perogies and beer diet, those around you (husband and BFF included) are probably telling you that you can't even tell yet.  Guess what, they aren't lying to you!  Pregnancy has got so many ebs and flows, from your changing body to those oh-so-awesome hormones that leave you raging at times and maybe even a bit bigger set of "girls".  Embrace it all sisters, celebrate those changes, and let us be your go to spot for keeping it real with what happens while pregnant and how to dress to look amazing (even if you don't feel it)!!

From the basics to MUST have items of the season, we will keep the posts coming on how to float through this pregnancy looking like a million bucks!  (although you won't have to spend that)  We will also share tings with you we think are helpful or just good for a laugh.

Not sure what those basics are that you "need"?  Let us help you... That's what we are here for!  Not only do we have the knowledge of having "been there done that", we are also very familiar with each of our lines.  Regardless of your size, shape or budget we can help!  Once you allow us to do just that you will see that we do know what we are doing, and there is a great deal of passion behind it!

That is it for now, stay tuned for more posts of keeping it real about pregnancy and the fashion that goes with it!

Until next time sexy mamas...




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