Beating the Winter Blues

For those of you living in climates with 4 seasons these next couple of months can drag on when you are pregnant.  Finding yourself perhaps inside more than usual due to cold temps? Here are a few tips that we have found that worked for us to help pass the time and ensure you are taking good care of yourself in colder climates! 

Itchy belly may start kicking in with your skin stretching to make room for the little one. This is common for mamas to deal with, and with winter conditions it is worse! So staying hydrated both inside and out sure helps with that! Keep your tummy moisturized with an emollient cream/lotion (a fave of ours is bug & pickle Belly Cream) and drink your H2O. Whether you stay home or you are a working mama, try to at least sneak out to get exposed to the sun and treat yourself to a hot chocolate. You need to make sure you are getting plenty of liquids while pregnant in cold temps and this counts!! Packed with twice the antioxidants that red wine has (true story), chocolate can help prevent cancer and heart disease. We say WIN WIN!

On a more quiet day if you are home take the opportunity to catch up on your reading.  Maybe commit to a few hours in the kitchen making some dishes you can freeze to pull out after baby has arrived and you are exhausted. And if you need an excuse to pamper yourself....

Go treat yourself to a pedicure!! Even though your sparkly toes will rarely be seen by anyone, getting a leg and foot massage is AWESOME for your circulation. (see we are giving you an excuse to go have some YOU time)  Spoiling yourself can help give you a mood boost, and your husband will thank you later. No need to fret on whether manis and pedis are safe during pregnancy, chemicals don't absorb into the nail beds so you are good to go!!

Stay warm and cozy mamas!

Until next time....



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