Good~bye to your handbag.. (for now)

The time has come when you are prepping to put your handbag aside and introduce yourself to the world of diaper bags.  For most women this seems to hit pretty hard, but it doesn't need to!  There are so many cool options now for toting around the necessities for this new little roommate of yours.  Some moms carry everything including the kitchen sink in their diaper bags, while other moms are minimalists and have mastered carrying only what is absolutely necessary.  

We have run across diaper bags galore along our journey.  From the fancy schmancy designer bags to the basic bags, we have seen them all.  Our take is to think about the practicality and usage of your bag.  Will you share it with your partner or will you each have your own?  You're sharing perhaps?  Do you have other children at home that you have to think about too?  Are you a doer who likes to be out and about?  Once you access what your life will look like with baby you can go from there.  Here are a few of our favourites and our reasoning behind our passion for the bag.

For the practical and functional mamas we really love Ju-Ju-Be and Skip*Hop diaper bags.  Both brands are built to fit everything baby needs. Ju-Ju-Be bags are machine washable, anti- microbial and incredibly durable yet lightweight.  With their super fun prints and patterns, its a bag for mamas who like to have something fun.  They do also have simple black in most of their styles as well.  Skip*Hop offers a shuttle clip on most of their bags that allows you to attach their bags to your stroller for added convenience.  They also offer an option with a cooler pouch in it to pack along snacks.



For the more fashion conscious we really love Timi & Leslie and Skip*Hop.  Timi & Leslie focus on their bags NOT looking at all like a diaper bag, yet providing all the bells and whistles to keep you organized.  It comes with stroller straps, bottle holder, wet bag, as well as a little purse to put all of your necessities in!



When you set out to find YOUR perfect bag, don't be afraid to take along what you think you would be toting around on a regular basis.  Happy toting!


Until next time~





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