What IS Family...

Its a word too often skimmed over, a word that many take for granted.  A word that can be so powerful and to some it is the whole world.  I have to admit from in-law side to my folks/siblings, right on down to my roomie (this would be my hubby but often times he feels like a roommate) and my 3 beautiful blessings my family is MY world.  As I get older, it means more and more to me. I was raised with a very close knit family not just with parents and siblings but also my extended family.  It helped that I grew up in a town of 105 people (no i haven't left any 0's out) and there were only a few last names... so basically we were all related!  Okay, I am kidding about all being related!  But, in a small town where you are the 4th generation to grow up there and your dad is one of 6, you can bet there are cousins a plenty!  It was that small town upbringing that you may have read about in a western novel, or perhaps you watched Little House on the Prairie? (am I making my age quite clear here) The sweet little life in a small town where moms and dads stayed together regardless of whether they were happy or not.  Kids grew up and primarily stuck around pretty close to home, and your family was always close by.

My upbringing was pretty rad I have to say.  A tv, but only one channel.  Lawrence Welk was on every Saturday night and you guessed it, Little House on the Prairie on Sundays.  That was about as good as it got for electronic stimulation with my 2 brothers and the folks.  So memories of always doing things together stand out so vividly!  Puzzles, board games, card games, sledding, hauling in wood (chore not a chosen activity), bike rides, trips to the ranch that was purely outdoor adventures the moment the truck stopped, supporting one another in sports as the time came and then supporting one another as life in the fast lane took each of my siblings and me out of Elk Mountain (true story on the town name there).... You get the picture.  At the end of the day my family did everything together.

I wouldn't trade that for anything.  I am BLESSED, my parents are still married... quite happily I believe.  (and if not, doesn't misery love company... just kidding) I left home with this vision of perfection of what my family would look like.  4 boys, curly hair (most likely blonde or a dirty version of it) and a dreamboat of a hubby who had a love for outdoors and could accept a girl who loved the city but was a hillbilly at heart.  At 27 I found the guy.... I think he thought the hillbilly part was a role I just played to see how interested he really was, but in the end he realized the 'ole girl wasn't so bad.  Even if she could shoot a gun with the best of them and be cool to not shower for days at a time.  We married 3 years later and set out on the adventure to OUR family.

So that vision-yeah, NOwhere near the reality.... and I am so grateful for that!  We struggled to have a family (a whole other blog) but in the end we ended up with 3 amazing kids.  A beautiful boy who has mocha latte skin, the curliest black hair and the deepest brown eyes you have ever seen! (Thing 1) A magical little girl who has her daddys hazel eyes, blonde hair and the spirit of an Amelia Earhart type! (Thing 2) Lastly a sweet little boy who was making his way to us hell or high water, and a personality that matched his fight. (Thing 3) In all 3 of my kids, my DNA is 1/2 of ONLY 1 of them, thats my "genetic" connection to MY kids.

As I laid in bed tonight with Thing 1 and 2 to say my "good nights" (I am totally not forgetting Thing 3, its just a bit hard to snuggle him in his crib. His day will come, in the mean time I only have to lay in 2 beds for 10 minutes before my wine) I was overcome with emotion.  This my friends, is not unusual!  Rarely does a night pass where I don't get teary eyed when I go in to kiss them while they sleep, just before heading to bed myself.  Feelings of complete gratitude and joy fill my heart.  I have been fortunate enough to be able to be a mom.  Does MY family look like I had pictured it?  Not even a little bit, but you know what... ITS MINE!  There are still so many in my life that have not yet been blessed with the gift of motherhood, and with everything I have, I hold out hope for each of them.  

Hug those kids, don't ever take for granted that you have them.  You are so allowed to bitch about them, we all have those days.  But at the end of the day, just be grateful... And remember regardless of what your family looks like, or how it may be blended or mixed or mismatched:  It is YOURS!!

Until next time sisters... Keep on keepin on and remember to LOVE more and judge LESS, we are all in this together!




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